Performance Enhancing Programs

Performance Enhancing programs are designed specifically for the individual athlete, musician, or artist who is seeking to maximize their potential. Many individuals seek performance-enhancing programs due to injury or pain. Your physical therapist will complete a thorough evaluation to identify any particular soft tissue, joint, nerve or muscle that may be hindering your performance. In addition, agility, endurance, balance and functional analysis may also be performed as necessary to determine what activity specific movements may be limiting an individual’s optimal function. At the completion of the evaluation, your physical therapist will work with the performer to design a rehabilitation program targeted to address the deficits identified during the evaluation.


Your program may include such manual therapy (hands-on) treatment interventions as joint and soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, and exercise prescription to promote recovery and optimizing your targeted activity specific movement.


Some of the specific sports / recreation / artists we have assisted with:


Tennis Golf Cross Fit
Cycling  Swimming Running
Violinist Bass Player Flutist
Baseball Basketball Football
Ballet Dancer Yoga Pilates
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