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Stacey Knowles is in my humble opinion an outstanding Physical Therapist. As I was walking unassisted up the stairs in our house this evening I thought to myself, “This is incredible. I did not have to pull myself up the stairs, or ask my wife to come down and carry things up for me!”

Everything changed after I began working with Ms. Knowles. I cannot pinpoint exactly what she has done, except to say, that until I began working with Ms. Knowles, at age 66.8 I had figured that my days of moving with ease were over. Somehow, with her knowledgeable hands and direction, she has coaxed my body back into mobility.

Stacey Knowles is a treasure.

Richard P

Excellent, state of the art, personalized service.


Stacey, thank you for all of your help this year. You are extremely talented at what you do and I really respect your work and how you treated my issues and symptoms. Thanks to you I am feeling like a new person. A.B.

A. B.

Stacey is amazing! After many years of debilitating back pain, 4 spinal injections that did not help, and most recent my pain doc recommended that I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant, my friend recommended that I see a Manual Therapist, Stacey Knowles. In the past 10 years I have seen 5 different PT’s and Stacey, by far, is the BEST I have worked with because her treatments are for the long term and she has changed my life!  Stacey is friendly, has many years of experience, she’s sincere and honest.

I highly recommend Stacey if you have any kind of pain. See her first before getting spinal injections, taking strong pain meds or getting spinal procedures that you may not even need because Stacey will help you!


I was originally recommended to see Stacey for my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery. The shoulder was very painful and did not seem to heal correctly. I had better movement, but there was still a lot of pain despite getting several injections after the surgery. Turns out that I needed to have a second surgery to release the nerve which Stacey suspected.

After healing from the second surgery, 6 months later, I had extensive abdominal surgery which seemed to worsen my back and hip pain post surgery. So, I went back to Stacey to get some relief.

Svetlana G

Stacey is the very best at what she does. My neighbor referred her, and I thank her for the referral any’ chance I get. Stacey is professional, knowledgeable and is devoted to fixing what is wrong and taking away the pain! She is compassionate, yet not afraid to push her patients to reach their full potential. Her goal is to make her patients whole and to allow them to resume their normal life. She succeeds, and I highly endorse her.

Lynn C




Our understanding physical therapy team is here

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After 27 years of being a skilled manual therapist and over 40 years of being a competitive athlete, Stacey understands her patient’s desire to return to their active lifestyles at their most optimal level of function because I have been a patient many times myself.

Expert Diagnostics


Together we will identify the symptom provoking activities with a comprehensive examination of your joints, muscles, nerves and soft tissues that may be hindering efficient movement and contributions to your symptoms so that we can design the best plan of care.

Superb Rehabilitation


“Stacey gives the best rehabilitation I have ever received for my medical surgeries. I have been to several different therapists over the years and she is the best and trustworthy.”

Satisfied Client

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