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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy  Physical Therapy Physical therapists perform specific manual (hands-on) interventions, prescribe exercises, teach efficient functional movement patterns to target each individual’s specific symptoms and functional deficits as necessary to promote healthy and active lifestyles.     OUR SERVICES [...]


A Functional Manual Therapy®

Functional Manual Therapy® A Functional Manual Therapy® Physical Therapists, PTs, are healthcare professionals who evaluate and treat individuals who have medical problems or other health related conditions that limit their ability to function optimally. PTs utilize treatment techniques to promote movement, reduce pain, [...]


Dry Needling

Dry Needling What is Dry Needling Dry Needling is an advanced needling technique for the treatment of myofascial pain using a very thin, single-use, sterile filiform needle to release a taut band of muscle or tissue. Dry Needling requires a physical therapy examination to [...]



Ergonomics What Does Ergonomics Mean And How Can Physical Therapy Help? Ergonomics is simply defined as fitting the job or work environment to the individual(s) performing the task. An ergonomic assessment includes an assessment of the job setting, job tasks, as well as [...]


Chronic pain

Chronic pain  Chronic pain is defined as any pain or discomfort that persists longer than three months and is often associated with injury or tissue damage but can also occur in the absence of injury or tissue damage. Chronic pain may occur due to [...]


Temporomandibular Joint

Temporomandibular Joint  Temporomandibular Dysfunction Temporomandibular joint disorder or dysfunction, TMD,  is a common condition that limits your ability to open and close your jaw during chewing, yawning and talking. The joint adjoins your jaw to your skull in front of your ear.  Typical [...]


Wellness Care

Functional Manual Therapy® Traditional Physical Therapy According to the American Physical Therapy Association, Physical therapists, PTs, are movement experts who optimize the quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education. Physical therapy is utilized to assist patients with functional limitations [...]


Performance Enhancing Programs

Performance Enhancing Programs  What are Performance Enhancing Programs? Performance Enhancing programs are designed specifically for the individual athlete, musician, or artist who is seeking to maximize their potential. Many individuals seek performance-enhancing programs due to injury or pain. Your physical therapist will complete [...]


BASI Pilates

BASI Pilates BASI Pilates BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International. BASI Pilates is based on the classical repertoire of Joseph and Clara Pilates’ fitness system to alleviate ill health. What makes BASI Pilates different than other Pilates methods? BASI [...]

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