Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as any pain or discomfort that persists longer than three months and is often associated with injury or tissue damage but can also occur in the absence of injury or tissue damage. Chronic pain may occur due to trauma, injury, post-surgical, diabetes, limb amputation, diabetes, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, poor postures, repetitive strain, stress or complex medical history. Individuals who suffer from chronic pain may be experiencing fatigue, fear, increased stress, anxiety, depression, body stiffness, weight gain, kinesiophobia (fear of movement), poor sleep hygiene, pain medication dependence, inability to perform daily work or recreational/social activities.



Can physical therapy assist chronic pain suffers?


Physical therapists are the experts in movement analysis. Restoring physical movement is crucial for those individuals who suffer from chronic pain because it promotes improved cardiovascular endurance (breathing and circulation), strength, flexibility, swelling, sleep, and metabolism. Physical therapists incorporate various manual therapy (hands-on) techniques necessary for improved tissue and joint mobility, pain reduction and efficient functional mobility restoration so that individuals can tolerate exercise. Physical therapists can also provide in-depth education regarding your diagnosis as it relates to optimal movement, posture, activity modification and utilization of various modalities for pain management.


Your program may include such manual therapy (hands-on) treatment interventions as joint and soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, and exercise prescription to promote recovery and optimizing your targeted activity specific movement.


Some of the specific sports / recreation / artists we have assisted with:


Tennis Golf Cross Fit
Cycling Swimming Running
Violinist Bass Player Flutist
Baseball Basketball Football
Ballet Dancer Yoga Pilates
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