What does Ergonomics mean and how can physical therapy help?


Ergonomics is simply defined and fitting the job or work environment to the individual(s) performing the task. An ergonomic assessment includes an assessment of the job setting, job tasks, as well as the individual performing the tasks in that setting. Typically, employees or employers seek physical therapy services due to an injury, pain or as a proactive injury prevention program. Individuals are evaluated for physical strength, range of motion, flexibility, biomechanics, symptoms experienced both on and off the worksite as necessary to formulate the best individual plan for the employee necessary for them to perform optimally.



Onsite Ergonomic Evaluation


Onsite ergonomic evaluation is composed of an evaluation of the employee’s work station set up, biomechanics and brief physical screen of the individual employee.  Onsite evaluations provide the employee with the most optimal recommendation for workstation set up, activity modification to maximize task performance, equipment recommendations as well as possible home exercises and stretches to improve task-specific activities with improved strength and flexibility

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Offsite Ergonomic Physical Therapy


In the clinic, individual employees will be given a more in-depth physical evaluation coupled with the aforementioned recommendations for work station set up and biomechanics evaluation with simulated tasks to promote improved onsite performance. In clinic examinations typically occur as a result of an injury that requires physical therapy.

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