Myths of Physical Therapy

People often associate physical therapy with an accident or  injury. They often stigmatize physical therapy as something that does not work and they are better off taking medication or having surgery, anyone can perform physical therapy so it is just better to do the exercises on their own. However knowing what physical therapy is, who is qualified to practice physical therapy and some of the conditions they treat may give you a better understanding of how a physical therapist can be a great resource to helping you achieve some of your health and wellness goals this year!

What Are The Qualifications Of A Physical Therapist?

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, APTA, physical therapists are movement experts who optimize quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care and patient education. Physical therapists must graduate from an accredited university, pass a national licensure examination in order to practice physical therapy in that individual state and attend yearly continuing education courses to maintain their licensure.

Physical Therapist: A Functional Manual Therapist®

Physical therapists have various different areas of expertise that makes each therapist unique. A Functional Manual Therapist®  for example is a physical therapist who has taken extensive post-graduate coursework from the Institute of Functional Art and passed both written and practical examinations to earn a certification that indicates they have mastered coursework in the study of hand-on skills and analysis of optimal human movement. 

Development Of An Exercise Prescription

Yes exercises are prescribed for each patient that comes to physical therapy based on the  findings of the physical therapy evaluation. Just like a physician who prescribes medication, a physical therapist will prescribe specific exercises to each patient to address strength, flexibility, endurance as necessary to improve the desired patient goal such as being able to lift a small child, climb the stairs at the train station or resume a running program.


Stacey has been helping me with shoulder pain. She’s very knowledgeable & has helped me tremendously with only 3 visits!
The place is immaculate.


Stacey is a no-nonsense Physical therapist. Her knowledge of the human body is extraordinary. I finally am seeing progress, and am very hopeful now that I am seeing Stacey. I love her!


When it comes to physical therapy, I believe no one knows more on what should be done and how to do it. She evaluates, creates a plan and provides the direction with exercises that work. When I experience an injury or joint pain, I call Stacey at Exemplar before ever calling any doctor.



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