Physical Therapy via Telerehabilitation

Why should I seek Physical Therapy via Telerehabilitation (Telehealth)?

Given the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are unable to attend their regularly scheduled medical appointments like physical therapy. In addition, the shut down of local gyms and fitness facilities limits options for exercise to prevent physical decline and subsequent health issues. Those that experience the onset of new musculoskeletal pain are concerned about visiting their local emergency rooms and doctor’s offices for conditions that are not emergent and could further slow access to care for those experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Hence, Exemplar Physical Therapy has implemented a Telerehabilitation (Telehealth) program to evaluate and manage these individuals’ loss of function of their muscles and joints via virtual therapy sessions from the comfort of their home or office.

What is Telerehabilitation (Telehealth)?

Telerehabilitation (Telehealth) allows those who do not wish to leave their house an opportunity access a healthcare professional (such as a physician, physician assistant, nurse, midwife, physical therapist, occupational therapist) via a video conference or telephone call. Telerehabilitation access enables a physical therapist the ability to visualize and speak directly to their patients as they would for an in-clinic visit with the purpose of evaluation, progressing a current treatment plan, triage new pain/symptoms and assist in developing an exercise program to address your individual issues to prevent decline. Telerehabilitation not only ensures patients are receiving necessary physical therapy care, but also assists with reducing the overall health burden on hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Virtual therapy allows people of all ages to safely keep moving and address physical problems from the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, injuries and pain do not go away during a pandemic, but Exemplar Physical Therapy is working to find ways to help.

Is Telerehabilitation (Telehealth) covered by my insurance?

Previously Telehealth was not covered by most medical insurances, however many insurance companies are now expanding their coverage to include Telerehabilitation or Telehealth coverage to improve healthcare access in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Because private insurance companies are independently choosing to cover various versions of Tele-rehabilitation or Telehealth, specific to each carrier and patient’s insurance plan, we will verify your insurance benefits prior to your appointment.



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